GrainMate GT200 Grain Moisture Tester

GrainMate Grain Moisture Tester helps prevent post-harvest losses in grains by helping grain farmers accurately determine the exact moisture content in their grain crops before storage.


Accurately tell the moisture content in your grains with GrainMate.

With GrainMate, grain farmers can accurately tell how much moisture is in their grains so they know whether it is ready for storage or had to be dried some more.

Poultry farmers will also be able to tell if the moisture content in the poultry feed is at the right amount to ensure optimum egg production.

GrainMate supports most of the common grains and legumes that are grown in Africa including corn, rice, wheat, sorghum, Chickpea, Soyabean and more.

More Profit for the farmer

Sell off grains which would have been lost and make more money.

Reduce Losses

GrainMate helps grain farmers reduce post harvest losses by up to 38%

Prevent Aflatoxin Contamination

GrainMate helps to grain contamination due to aflatoxins.

Who Can Use GrainMate

GrainMate is a useful tool for anyone who is involved in the harvesting, allocation, processing, storage or usage of grains.

Commercial Grain Farmers

Grain farmers can use GrainMate to measure moisture content in grains before storage to prevent contamination.

Poultry farmers

Poultry farmers can use GrainMate to measure the moisture content in poultry feed to ensure birds get healthy feed.

Grain Drying and Storage Companies

Grain drying companies can use GrainMate to make sure grains are dried and stored at the right moisture.

Agric Extension Officers

Agric extension officers can use GrainMate to teach smallholder farmers about drying and storage of grains

GrainMate meets pattern approval tests from the Ghana Standards Authority

How It Works

GrainMate is easy to use. Test the moisture of your grains in 4 easy steps

  1. Power your GrainMate Moisture Tester
  2. Select the grain you want to test for from the menu.
  3. Dip it half way into the grain or feed you are testing for
  4. Press the “test” button and wait

After a short while, GrainMate displays the moisture, temperature and humidity of the grain.


Technology developed locally to meet international standards.

Wide Measurement Range

GrainMate has a wide measurement range to support a wide range of moisture values

Low power consumption

GrainMate is designed to be very energy efficient, ensuring that your batteries last several months.

Sturdy and robust

GrainMate is durable with a sturdy body, designed to last several years.

Multiple Grain Support

GrainMate support 7 different grain and legumes including corn, wheat, sorghum, soyabean and rice.

Remote operation mode

GrainMate can be used and controlled remotely from a smartphone using Bluetooth

LCD Display

GrainMate has a large LCD Display for displaying values.

How our customers are using GrainMate

Ghana Grains Council

Ghana Grains Council is using GrainMate to conduct moisture content measurement training for grain farmers

Amplifies Ghana

Amplifies Ghana is making GrainMate available to beneficiary grain farmers to help them reduce post-harvest losses.

What they are saying

"GrainMate saved us the trouble of importing expensive grain moisture meters from overseas. We were impressed it's quality and performance"

–¬† Ghana Grains Council


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